1. Hurry up, please? The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says more than 850,000 Medical Services Plan bills are at least 31 days overdue. That would add up to roughly $418 million.

2. OMG: A Victoria driver got a valuable lesson on texting and driving. Victoria police published a tweet showing a screencap of a text where a drive told her friend that she ran into a cop car as “I was trying to txt u.”

3. Secure your pooches: A dog owner is speaking out and urging fellow pet owners to put their dogs in restraints when they get in the car. Elisha McCallum’s dog was killed when her dog walker’s vehicle was T-boned two weeks ago. McCallum says she feels responsible as she never warned her dog walker to secure the dog while driving.

4. New CEO, new salary: TransLink has unveiled its new CEO, and how much it will pay him. Kevin Dresmond, who currently heads the public transportation system in Seattle will get an annual pay of $365,000.

5. Fatal fire: A man was killed early Thursday morning after a pool house went up in flames in Langley. Police say the fire is not considered suspicious.