1. Pacific Centre: Vancouver police say they want to speak with three men spotted taking extensive photos and filming entrances and exits to Vancouver’s Pacific Centre mall.

2. Tent city over government care: A 16-year-old girl living in Victoria’s tent city says she can do a better job of taking care of herself than the provincial government can. B.C.’s children’s watchdog Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond said she’s disgusted by the number of kids under government care who are living in hotels or homeless camps.

3. Unlimited vacation: A Vancouver company is revamping its holiday policy, giving their employees unlimited paid vacation. The concept is growing south of the border with large companies such as LinkedIn, Netflix and the Virgin Group offering similar benefits to their employees.

4. New life: Two Syrian brothers who were reunited with their father at the Vancouver airport have taken a chance at a new life in Vancouver and grabbed it with both hands. Yasi and Majd Alhomsi have enrolled in English classes at a local college and say they are looking for jobs to show that they will be productive members of society.

5. Nice wig: Surrey RCMP are asking for help finding a bank robber with a unique fashion sense. Police say the male suspect wore a patterned dress and a blonde curly wig – among other items – while committing a robbery.