A Vancouver company is looking to change the way real estate is marketed and sold with the help of state-of-the-art 3D technology.

LNG Studios is using a unique camera and software to create a virtual 3D image of a room that a person can move through like a video game. Users can pivot and rotate from one position to another and even look at a model of the room from above.

“This is a completely immersive environment. You get to walk around. You can look up and down. You can physically move around and you're not stuck in one space and we can capture it all in one swift movement,” said Matt Grant, creative director at LNG Studios.

The camera is set up at many different points throughout a room where it then scans a photo, capturing the textures, colours and laser measurements at each point. It takes about an hour per thousand square feet to scan a room.

The scans are then stitched together with special software. It can transform any empty or furnished space into a 3-D model and it can also pinpoint distance between any two points, allowing you to make accurate measurements without being on site.

"The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, especially for commercial spaces, anyone wanting to have their space archived, real estate agents working with overseas clients or buyers. The response is huge,” said Grant.

LNG Studios is the first company in Canada to offer this technology. Along with the real estate market, it's also had some interest from retail businesses looking to launch virtual stores where you can go right up to the shelf and see an item.