A three-year-old girl was hospitalized Sunday after falling from a second storey window, but RCMP say it could have been much worse.

Officers received a call that a small child had fallen out of a window at a home on 64A Avenue and arrived to find the youngster being treated by firefighters.

It appears the girl had leaned or fallen against the screened window and fell through and landed on a patio below.

"There were a number of family members in the residence when the incident had occurred, but no one was close enough to grab the child before she fell," Staff Sgt. Murray Hedderson said in a statement.

She was rushed to hospital, where she remained under observation Monday.

Hedderson described the incident as "tragic" but said the girl was fortunate not to have been injured more severely.

The force is now reminding parents to be vigilant with their children.

"With the continued warm weather, windows will be open, with only a screen in place, and children can easily fall through them, and serious injury can easily and quickly occur, without warning," Hedderson said.

The Ministry of Children and Family Services has been notified and will follow up with the family, say Mounties.