VANCOUVER -- A three-year-old child sustained minor injuries after falling from a second-storey window Wednesday evening, Mounties say.

One of the child’s parents was getting their children ready for bed when the child left the room unnoticed, Burnaby RCMP say.

Moments later, the parent found the child on the ground outside the home. The child sustained minor injuries after falling about 20 feet and is expected to be OK, according to police.

Mounties are asking anyone with young kids at home to take a few minutes to check all their windows to ensure they are safe.

"This is every parent's worst nightmare and we want to prevent it from happening again to another family," said Cpl. Michael Kalanj in a statement. "With warmer weather on the way, windows in homes are going to be open throughout the day, so please ensure they are secure and that you take every precaution to keep young people in your home safe."

The reminder from Burnaby Mounties comes the same day BC Children's Hospital issued a similar warning about window safety. The hospital says it has treated eight children so far this year, including one who died, for falls from windows or balconies. The BC Coroners Service says it is investigating the death of a child in Burnaby from a "fall-related death" that took place on May 29.

Mounties are warning parents not to underestimate children's mobility as many begin climbing before they can walk. They also recommend installing window guards, not leaving children unattended on balconies and being mindful that toddlers will use anything as a step stool to get higher. Police add that window screens will not prevent children from falling through.

It echoes advice from pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ash Singhal, who says screens can give parents a false sense of security.

"There's a lot of windows these days that have screens on them," he told CTV News. "The important thing to remember about screens is that screens keep bugs out. They don't keep children in."