VANCOUVER -- Two dogs are recovering from serious injuries after they got into a fight during a police response to a shots-fired call that turned out to be fireworks.

Police in Abbotsford responded to the call on Halloween on Ross Road. Officers were first told shots had been fired, but it was later discovered someone was setting off fireworks. 

When Mounties arrived at the scene with the police dog unit, they waited by a building, ready to support Abbotsford officers. While they were waiting, however, police said "there was a struggle at the front door," and a dog came loose, allegedly attacking a police dog named Grinder. 

"The RCMP handler attempted an intervention by repeatedly kicking at the dog as it bit down on Grinder's neck and face, to no avail," Mounties said in a news release issued Thursday. 

"After some time and with the safety of his dog in peril, the handler was forced to fire on the dog. The dog finally loosened its grip on Grinder and then ran from the scene."

Air 1 was called in to look for the injured dog but it wasn't found. Mounties say the dog did eventually return home to its owner and is under their care. 

Grinder was taken to the vet for help with a puncture wound to his neck, ear and a tear to a cartilage. He's also at home now recovering.

"To think these terrible injuries to these two dogs could have been avoided if people simply abided by municipal bylaws banning fireworks," Cpl. Chris Manseau said in a news release. "I hope this is a lesson to people who continue to use fireworks even though they are banned." 

The use of fireworks without a permit is illegal in Abbotsford and residents can be fined between $200 to $1,000 for possessing or discharging them.