The BC SPCA is appealing to the public for donations to help care for a large number of cats and kittens following the second large seizure from an animal hoarder this month.

A total of 19 cats and kittens have been removed from a Tahsis, B.C., home, each suffering from a laundry list of ailments.

The animals had wounds, ear mites, lesions, internal parasites, as well as eye discharge, fleas and diarrhea.

Senior constable Tina Heary described the living conditions as “absolutely deplorable.”

“The odour of urine, ammonia and feces was so overwhelming that our staff had to step away periodically to recover while they were capturing the animals. It’s so sad to think of the cats and kittens having to live in this environment.”

The sickly animals were taken to the Comox Valley & District SPCA branch, where they are still receiving care from veterinarians.

One pregnant cat delivered a litter at the shelter.

Evidence is being forwarded to the Crown and the SPCA is pursuing charges against the cats’ owner.

Earlier this month, SPCA constables removed 31 cats and kittens from a home in Port Coquitlam.  And 44 dogs were removed from a Brentwood Bay home in January.

Lorie Chortyk, manager of community relations, says animal hoarding cases like these overwhelm the resources of their non-profit organization, which is funded solely by donations.

“Animals rescued from hoarding situations have been through so much and we want to do everything possible to get them healthy again and in loving homes as soon as possible,” she said.

The cats removed from the Vancouver Island home will be available for donation in upcoming weeks after they complete medical treatment.

The SPCA is asking for public donations to help offset the cost of care. You can visit its website or contact the Comox Valley & District SPCA at 250-339-7722.