Dawn Boldt was walking through her yard to the door of her ground-floor apartment in Abbotsford Friday when a white car smashed through her fence, stopping just feet from where she stood.

The young man behind the wheel was bleeding. Dawn didn't know at the time, but he'd just been shot.

"He was sitting up, so I thought, oh, he's sitting up I guess he's okay," Dawn told CTV.

That young man was later identified as Jaspreet Sidhu. He was 18 years old, and the victim of a targeted shooting. Paramedics rushed him to hospital, but he died of his injuries an hour later.

"They had to bring him through my suite to take him to the ambulance, so I had to see this poor guy," Boldt said. "He's like, I'm dying, I can't breathe. And that was upsetting too."

Police say the shooting started about a block away, on Oriole Crescenty. Sidhu sped away in a Chrysler 300 which he later crashed into Boldt's yard.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the investigation.

"It's miraculous in some respects that you would have a daylight shooting on a busy Friday… and we end up with one casualty," Cst. Ian MacDonald said.

Boldt is also relieved neither she nor her grandson were hurt. She often lets him play in the very spot in the yard that the victim's car crashed into.

She's sad, however, that the 18-year-old's family isn't so lucky.

"He's a young guy; he could be trying to turn his life around. Maybe that's why he was targeted," she said.