VANCOUVER -- Saturday's snap provincial election in B.C. yielded a projected majority government for the NDP and its leader John Horgan.

That the party will form a majority government won't change once election officials have finished counting the roughly 500,000 mail-in ballots. But as mail-in ballots are counted over the coming weeks, the candidates leading in 10 districts could see their victory margins change, and may even fall behind once final vote tallies are completed.

Those 10 ridings are listed below, along with the candidate currently leading and the margin by which they lead.

  • Vernon-Monashee: BC Liberal incumbent Eric Foster leads by 0.9 percentage points
  • Abbotsford-Mission: BC Liberal incumbent Simon Gibson leads by 1 percentage point
  • Chilliwack-Kent: NDP candidate Kelli Paddon leads by 1.2 percentage points
  • Richmond South Centre: NDP candidate Henry Yao leads by 1.5 percentage points
  • West Vancouver-Sea to Sky: Green candidate Jeremy Valeriote leads by 3.4 percentage points
  • Fraser Nicola: BC Liberal incumbent Jackie Tegart leads by 3.5 percentage points
  • Langley East: NDP candidate Megan Dykeman leads by 3.9 percentage points
  • Parksville Qualicum: NDP candidate Adam Walker leads by 5.1 percentage points
  • Vancouver-Langara: BC Liberal incumbent Michael Lee leads by 5.7 percentage points
  • Surrey South: BC Liberal incumbent Stephanie Cadieux leads by 7.5 percentage points

BC Liberal incumbents lead in five of the 10 ridings, while NDP challengers lead in four and a Green challenger leads in one.

That follows the pattern seen throughout election night. The BC Liberals were left facing close races in traditional strongholds, while the NDP - and in some places the Greens - outperformed their historical totals.

If no seats change hands when the final count is completed, the NDP will win 55 seats, the BC Liberals 29 and the BC Greens 3.