Last month three crafty western Canadian clue-solvers won $100,000 each in Gold Hunt, the original real-life treasure hunt.

It's back and it's bigger; with more cities, more swag, more silver, more gold!

Johanna Ward chatted with one of Gold Hunt's creators, Chris Cromwell, about the success of the first hunt, and the surprising response from the players that did not win. Watch the interview here.

Vancouver's Gold Hunt starts this Saturday - are you ready to play?

Have you got what it takes to find the treasure? With $100,000 already hidden in Vancouver, Johanna Ward got the lowdown on the latest big prize from Chris Cromwell of Gold Hunt.

Find out how to practice riddles, where to win extra loot, and if your pirate name matters in part two of this In Your Community interview series.

No shovel, just lots of smarts for Vancouver's Gold Hunt

Get the map, solve the riddles, find the treasure. Gold Hunt's Chris Cromwell shared a BIG HINT on CTV Morning Live Thursday to get you pirate prepped for this Saturday's Gold Hunt launch. Geo-caching with treasure hunt twists, it's creative brain challenge that is fun to play, with the added bonus of possibly winning 100K!

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