An internal investigation into a Vancouver Police officer facing multiple criminal charges has been dropped after the longtime member resigned from the force.

A press release from the VPD says the officer was arrested by the Burnaby RCMP and charged with "two very serious offences" in August, but did not name what those offences are.

Chief Constable Jim Chu accepted the officer's resignation on October 30.

On August 14, the VPD announced it had suspended an officer with pay for 30 days in connection to a "very serious incident."

CTV News learned the officer faced incest and assault charges in connection to a sex assault against his sister. At a drinking party at his Burnaby home between July 30 and 31st, the sister allegedly woke up to discover her brother having sex with her.

The officer cannot be named under a publication ban.

A spokesperson for the force wrote: "The VPD considers the nature of the offense to be very serious and abhors the actions attributed to this member."

At the time, the department said its Professional Standards Section would shadow the RCMP criminal investigation, as well as conducting a parallel investigation under the Police Act.

Const. Lindsey Houghton said the internal proceedings will no longer continue now that the officer is no longer a member of the VPD.

"When a police officer is no longer a police officer the act doesn't apply," he told Tuesday.

He added: "The RCMP criminal investigation will continue."

The officer remained suspended with pay until his resignation.

The Vancouver Police Board and the Vancouver Police Department both declined to comment on the case.