Blue Valentine  

Serves 2


4 oz. Rittenhouse Rye whiskey
1oz. Allspice infused honey water
0.5 oz. Fresh lemon Juice
2 x small cinnamon sticks


Preheat two small coffee cups or espresso cups.

Boiled water, and add rye whiskey and lemon juice in a holding pot.

Pour into cups and serve with cinnamon sticks


Pistachio “Sponge”/Passion Fruit Cream/Pineapple Coconut Rum/Lime Meringue

Serves 2

Pistachio Sponge:

100 gr. ground almond

160 gr. sugar

50 gr, ground peeled pistachio

10 gr. bread flour

10 gr. pastry flour

6 eggs

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Pass the sponge mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Pour ½ of the batter in ISI gun (whip cream canister), and charge with NO2 cartridges. Shake very well, then fill with 1 cup of foamy mixture, a 2 cup size deli type plastic container.

Place in microwave and cook for about 30 seconds, 2 times in a raw. Remove the hot sponge, and break into small desired size pieces. Let dry for about 2 hours at room temperature.

Passion Fruit Cream:

1 cup passion fruit juice

1 cup cream

2 egg yolks

75 gr. sugar

5 gr gelatine, bloomed

In a medium sauce pan bring to a boil the cream.

Together, whisk sugar, egg yolks and passion fruit juice, then add the boiling cream to it. Pour back the entire mixture in the sauce pan, and cook to 86 C over low heat while continuously stirring with a spoon. Remove from heat, then whisk in the bloomed gelatine. Place in a refrigerator over night.

Next day, using a hand blender, whisk the passion fruit cream until smooth.

Pineapple Coconut Rum Compote:

¼ fresh pineapple, diced into small cubes

3 tablespoons brown sugar

4 tablespoons dark rum

4 tablespoons Malibu

1 fresh lime grated

Combine all of the above ingredients in a small bowl and stir with a spoon. Set aside until needed.

Lime Meringue:

1/2 cup egg white

1 cup sugar

1 lime zest

In a KitchenAid mixer, using the whisk attachment, whip at medium speed the egg whites. Once the egg whites start to foam, add gradually the sugar while increasing the whisking speed.

Once the meringue is soft peak, remove from the mixer, and fold in with a rubber spatula the zest of 1 lime. Place the meringue in a piping bag, and pipe on a parchment lined cookie tray long meringue sticks of about 10 in. long.

Place in a 210 F. heated oven and dry for about 2 hours or until dry and crispy.


Spoon a generous amount of passion fruit cream in a whiskey glass.

Add 2 to 3 scoops of pineapple rum compote.

Place 3 to 4 pieces of pistachio sponge.

Place the lime meringue sticks to decorate.