This is a beautiful dried muskox fillet, served Carpaccio style, shaved thin on a shite plate, drizzled with olive oil and capers, some shaved parm to decorate. It's a very Manly thing "Muskox" Very Super bowl.

Mipkuzola Carpaccio


100g       Mipkuzola (Muskox)

28 ml      Olive oil

28 g        Parmesan Cheese

28 g        Capers

                Fresh cracked black pepper



1.            Shave the mipkuzola into very thin slices. (If you don't have a slicer, get your butcher to shave it for you.)

2.            Place mipkuzola onto a white serving platter.

3.            Drizzle with olive oil

4.            Shave parmesan cheese over the dish

5.            Garnish with capers and cracked black pepper


As the super bowl is in Louisiana, I thought we have to do some Alligator. This product has become very popular now and is being sold in over 100 stores in the lower mainland.

Crocodile Satay


1 Kg Diced Crocodile

100 g peanut butter

28 ml hot sauce (Your choice)

28 ml hot water



6.            Pre heat, grill to high heat.

7.            Place cubed crocodile onto bamboo skewers.

8.            In a small bowl place the peanut butter, hot sauce and water.

9.            Mix well creating a rich hot satay sauce. (If sauce is thick, add more hot water to get consistency you desire.)

10.          Place crocodile onto grill/char-broiler and cook through, turning once. (Cook for 8 minutes per inch thickness.)

Serve hot accompanied with satay sauce



Fun hot dogs for the game, served in a flat bread.
All three dishes are simple to make, showcase a good variety of items and are "Manly' for goodness sake, how manly does Muskox sound, LOL.

Crocodile Dogs


6 Cajun Crocodile Sausages

6 slices brown bread

Oil Spray

28 g red pepper, sliced into thin strips

28 g celery, sliced into thin strips

28 ml jerk sauce

28 ml Mustard



11.          Pre heat oven to 375F

12.          Rub sausages with oil and place on a baking sheet.

13.          Bake for 16 minutes, turning once.

14.          Cut crusts off bread and roll under a rolling pin to compress the bread slices.

15.          Spread bread with jerk sauce and mustard.

16.          In centre of bread place sausage, some celery and red pepper.

17.          Roll the bread and sausage creating a tight rolled sausage hotdog shape.

18.          Increase oven temperature to 425F

19.          Spray with cooking oil, place on baking sheet and bake for 6 minutes or until golden brown.

20.          Serve on a platter.