A new YouTube video, allegedly filmed at a Richmond, B.C. Starbucks, shows a sweet-toothed rat feasting on syrup after hours.

The footage, uploaded Saturday, was filmed at the Terra Nova location according to poster "ratatstarbucks."

The blurry video depicts the small rodent climbing around a number of syrup pumps.

"Oh my god," calls a voice off-camera. "Those pumps with the sugar-free vanilla, we're not getting anymore!"

"That's a long tail," she later remarks.

A second alleged rat sighting captured the same night was posted by the user, though the creature in question is difficult to spot.

Employees at the Starbucks declined to comment Sunday, but the company issued a statement assuring that the incident was under investigation.

"In addition to adhering to all local, provincial and national regulations, we maintain our own stringent standards," it read.

"We are looking into this incident and we wish to assure our customers of our commitment to maintaining excellent standards they have come to expect."