A Vancouver Island Mountie has been removed from service and is under investigation after cocaine and $10,000 in cash disappeared from an exhibit locker.

The evidence was seized during a drug investigation by Nanaimo RCMP and was discovered to be missing in December. A criminal investigation was launched after the money and 0.3 grams of drugs could not be located.

An eight-year member of the RCMP is now the subject of a code of conduct investigation concerning his handling of the evidence. He has been removed from operations pending the outcome.

Nanaimo detachment commander Supt. Norm McPhail issued a statement Wednesday saying that he has ordered changes to the handling of exhibits.

"Allegations of misconduct by our employees is extremely troubling. Troubling to the public and troubling to me. But also troubling to the over 9,000 RCMP employees in BC who have the highest moral and ethical standards," he said.

He said the case is a priority and a separate statutory investigation is also underway.