There are some things B.C.'s public auto insurer may wish it hadn't been caught doing -- and one of them could be producing a $1.7-million ad campaign that barely made it to air.

The Insurance Corporation of B.C. says the TV, radio and online ad campaign was scrapped almost immediately after its June 2009 launch.

Spokesperson Nicholas Jimenez says the ads, which included an apparently naked man in a locker room suggestively holding a measuring tape, were aimed at men aged 19 to 25 but were quickly considered too edgy for the general public.

In each ad, police interrupt a young man in the middle of some embarrassing activity and the ad ends with the warning that there are some things you shouldn't be caught doing.

Jimenez says ICBC hoped to use humour and sexually-oriented themes to warn that drunk drivers will be caught.

He says the ads were pulled after concerns they were in poor taste, something he says is unfortunate but he did not call the campaign a waste of taxpayer's dollars.