The summer fire season has kicked off  with two significant fires in the British Columbia interior.

The first on Jackass Mountain, south of Lytton, was disrupting traffic on the Trans-Canada Hwy. Monday afternoon after a motor home caught fire and the flames spread into the bush.

The second was burning in Gillard Creek south of Kelowna, where record-breaking temperatures were accompanied by an overnight lightning storm on the weekend.

As a result, fire crews are bracing for what could be a long, hot summer.

Dale Bojahra of the B.C. Forest Service said forecasts of higher then normal temperatures in July and August, are a key concern. "It is something that we are looking at,'' he said.

Concerns have also been raised by a government fire-risk map, which is already pointing to a number of areas where the fire risk is considered extreme.

Meanwhile, water bombers and ground crews continue their efforts to contain a three-hectare Gilldard Creek wildfire in Kelowna's southern hills.

Crews are trying to build a guard around the blaze so they can move in and snuff the flames, but they're concerned about thunderstorms and strong winds forecast for today.

With reports from CTV British Columbia's David Kincaid, Kent Molgat, and The Canadian Press.