The father of a man shot dead by police in his own bedroom in Langley, B.C. says he's not surprised the Police Complaints Commission has ruled the officers did nothing wrong.

Allan Wright is angry that Commissioner Stan Low has ruled the three Mounties used reasonable force when they killed Alvin Wright in August of 2010 after the officers said he came at them with a knife.

Allan Wright admits his son had been drinking and had fought with his wife, but says when police arrived Alvin was in bed and no crime had been committed, but the Mounties turned a controlled situation into a deadly shooting.

He says the Commission should be called the office of police protection because officers have been cleared of wrongdoing in a string of fatal incidents, and B.C. has the highest rate of police-related deaths in Canada.

Wright says the police operate with impunity in B.C. and the province is a national embarrassment for police accountability.

He also says doesn't think things will change under the newly-created Independent Investigation Office headed by Richard Rosenthal because the system of protecting police officers is too entrenched.