Actor DJ Qualls appeared on a late-night U.S. talk show Monday to blast the Vancouver police officer who allegedly roughed him up so bad in September that he needed stitches.

Speaking to Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show, Qualls delivered a figurative black eye to the cop who he claims left him handcuffed and bleeding on Granville Street following a street brawl the celebrity insists did not involve him.

"The bare bones of it: I was not doing anything. I'm small, the cop wanted to beat up somebody he could take," Qualls said.

"I have to now be the person who says things like, ‘I can't comment on that because it's currently under investigation.'"

The bristly Qualls also pointed to what he calls his "police brutality beard," claiming he can't shave anymore without nicking a scar on his face.

The "Hustle & Flow" actor publicized the alleged Sept. 23 attack through a series of messages on his Twitter account the following day. Qualls claimed an officer beat him after he tried to point out a man who had hit a woman during the melee.

"I guess this cop saw me and decided that I looked dangerous," Qualls told Ferguson on Monday.

"You know I love you, man, but you're about as dangerous as a jigsaw," Ferguson quipped.

Qualls said he has no plans to sue the Vancouver Police Department because he doesn't want taxpayer money, but he's still working to get an apology from the force.

Const. Lindsey Houghton sent CTV News an email Tuesday saying that the force "can't comment while the investigation is ongoing as we wouldn't want to potentially bias that investigation."

Though he had harsh words for Canadian police, the actor stopped short of attacking his neighbouring countrymen.

"The Canadian people are very docile, passive aggressively so, and I'm not… no, I love Canadians. Except their bacon, which is not bacon," Qualls said.

Qualls has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including "All About Steve," "Road Trip," Lost" and "The Big Bang Theory."