A Victoria, B.C. man has been charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of a female police officer this week.

Const. Lane Douglas-Hunt was investigating a theft at a downtown Victoria 7-Eleven on Monday when police say she was "blindsided" by a man holding a knife outside the store. The man wrestled her to the ground and stabbed her several times.

Guy Seguin, 57, was charged Tuesday in the attack, and police say he has a history of violence. Investigators say the attack appears to have been random, but are not releasing further details.

"By all accounts, it looks like he just attacked her because she was wearing a police uniform," Victoria Police Sgt. Grant Hamilton told ctvbc.ca after the attack.

Douglas-Hunt was stabbed numerous times in the hands and arms as she defended herself. She also suffered stab wounds to her neck.

A man driving past the brawl stopped his car and managed to pull the attacker from the officer. Another bystander then stepped in and helped hold the suspect while the first man grabbed the officer's handcuffs to restrain him.

Douglas-Hunt required surgery for her injuries.

Police say the two-year member was known as an accomplished athlete.

"It is only through her training, her focus, her fitness, her willingness to prevail and her fortitude to fight through adversity that she survived this attack and we are all incredibly proud of her," Hamilton said Wednesday.

Seguin appeared in Victoria provincial court on Tuesday, and is scheduled to make his next appearance on Jan. 31.