I've been dealing with a health issue these past few months -- the same one that resulted in a fibroid mass and a surgery last spring. Here's a link to my Facebook page where you can search for the original story from May 2011.  It became so bad, my doctor was concerned I may have ovarian cancer.  Turns out it's likely my body's response to stress and environmental poisons. So, after considerable research, testing and multiple consultations -- I'm making a few changes.*

First of all, I have to get more intense exercise. Hard to do when you feel crappy, but I'm on the up-swing and won't be anchoring two newscasts each day anymore, i.e. no excuses.

Secondly, I'm eating almost exclusively organic. Pesticides and other contaminants have been found to have a direct impact on our hormonal systems. It costs more, but if more of those of us who can afford it make the switch -- perhaps prices will come down. I hope so. It disturbs me that healthy eating is inaccessible some.

Thirdly, I'm getting rid of as much plastic in my kitchen as possible. I likely have more BPA's in my system than I care to imagine. Making this switch is a little harder. Our world is so full of disposable plastic and so much of it wraps and stores our food. Clearly we can't eliminate it completely, but I'm now using only glass and ceramic containers to heat and store food. It's a start.

I'm also being far more careful to avoid foods which can increase inflammation, wheat and sugar being two of the worst offenders. Inflammation has been linked to everything from allergies and arthritis to heart disease and cancer. I know I'm late to the party. I'm also using some specific suppliments.

I've been conscious of nutrition for many years -- but from a conventional nutrient perspective. Wiser minds than mine have been practicing "safe" eating for a long time. My friends Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore of Pyrrhra Jewelry fame have been eating organic-vegetarian for years. They recently introduced me to "OrganicLives" on Quebec Street. It's the same company that's partnered with Chopra Yoga, downtown. The food is organic, vegan and raw -- and it's delicious. Maybe knowing that the dishes support health rather than disease makes them taste better. I don't know. But we're making a lunch date a regular thing.

I have no plans nor desire to become vegan or even vegetarian. I'm not there yet. I like meat. I'll continue to be adventurous with my eating and won't deny myself great dining experiences. But in the day-to-day, I'm cleaning up my act. Simply being alive is not the goal. Being well is.