Local Lounge Smoked ‘outlandish’ oyster chowder with parsnips, squash and brown butter breadcrumbs

1  onion-diced1 rib  celery-diced
1  carrot-diced
1  leek-diced
1 med  potato-diced
2 med  parsnip-diced
8 cloves garlic-sliced
2 cups  butternut squash-diced
½ cup         pancetta-diced
1 tbsp  fresh thyme-minced
1 tbsp  smoked paprika 
½ cup  flour
1 cup  white wine
3 ltr  fish stock
1 ltr  whipping cream
1 ltr outlandish shucked Ocean Wise oysters
chopped/house smoked
To taste sea salt/cracked black pepper
½ loaf  white bread-crust removed
½ cup  butter

For the chowder:

• sauté bacon in soup pot till almost crispy then add onions, carrot, celery, leek, garlic and smoked paprika and sweat for 5 minutes

• add potato, parsnips and squash and cook a further 5 minutes

• add flour and cook out 5 minutes then add wine, stock and cream and let simmer for 15 minutes

• add in fresh thyme, bay leaves and outlandish oysters and simmer a further 25 minutes

• season to taste


For the brown butter breadcrumbs:

• blend the bread in a food processor till med crumble

• brown the butter in a pan then toss in the crumbs and mix through

• on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper toast the crumbs in a 300 degree oven till crispy